Licensure FAQ

Licensure FAQ

The following Q & A is republished by GAMFT from information provided by the Georgia Composite Board. Please verify the most up to date version of this information by visiting the Georgia Composite Board website at


  1. What qualifications are required for licensure?
    A. At the Georgia Composite Board website,, under the listing “Laws, Policies and Rules”, please select the link for the Board Rules. Select rule 135-5 Requirements for Licensure, and look for the rules pertaining to the MFT license.


  1. I am working on my training experience: How do I find an approved supervisor?
    A. To locate an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, see the Supervisor Directory.


  1. What examination is required?
    A. The State of Georgia requires the AMFTRB Examination. Once the application is approved, the Georgia Composite Board will provide an eligibility letter to take the exam which will include information regarding scheduling and locations.
  2. Where can I find information about the examination?
    A. Information on the National Exam can be found at
  3. Where can I obtain study materials for the examination?
    A. The Board does not have any study materials available to applicants. Here are some useful links for study guides and other materials to help prepare for the examination:


  1. What happens to my application once it reaches the Georgia Composite Board office?
    A. All mail is opened and scanned in at a central location and then distributed electronically to the board members. A Licensure Analyst will review each application file and if needed send a deficiency/status letter to the applicant. The applicant may also access the Georgia Composite Board website at and select Check application status. Please allow up to twenty-five (25) business days for processing all application materials. Once the application is complete [i.e. the application, fee and all supporting documents (transcripts, directed experience verification, supervision verification, references, internship verification, etc)] have been received, the application file will be submitted for the Georgia Composite Board review and vote at the next scheduled Georgia Composite Board meeting. Only the Georgia Composite Board has the authority to approve or deny an application for licensure. Every application file must be submitted to the Georgia Composite Board for review. The Georgia Composite Board meets monthly to review applications and conduct other Board business. Once the application file has been reviewed by the Board, the applicant will receive written communication of the Georgia Composite Board’s decision within five to ten business days following the Georgia Composite Board meeting.
  2. Can I submit documents to the Board prior to the completion and submission of my application?
    A. Please submit all required documents with the application (except those documents/verifications provided by a third party directly to the Georgia Composite Board). Documents submitted prior to application for licensure are maintained but may slow the processing of application. Transcripts in maiden names or names other than that used on the application for licensure may also slow down processing. Please note on the application the maiden or other name, and/or call the Georgia Composite Board offices and tell the customer service representative the name on the transcript, and the name applied under. The message will be passed on to the proper Licensure Analyst.
  3. How often does the Georgia Composite Board meet to consider applications?
    A. The Georgia Composite Board meets monthly and only complete application files are submitted for Board review.
  4. When may I expect a response regarding my application?
    A. Within five to ten business days following the Georgia Composite Board meeting, applicants will receive an e-mail or USPS written communication of the Board’s decision. If a license has been approved, this information will be available on the Georgia Composite Board website at Select the “Search for a Professional License” tab, or if on the Georgia Composite Board’s PLB homepage,, select the “License Verification” tab.
  5. Will the Georgia Composite Board issue a temporary license?
    A. No temporary licenses are issued by the Georgia Composite Board.

Continuing Education

  1. Do I submit my continuing education hours to the Georgia Composite Board?
    A. Only those licensees randomly selected for a Continuing Education Audit must submit proof of their continuing education credits along with their renewal application. Individuals will be notified of their selection for a CE Audit during the online renewal process or on the paper renewal application form. Please read ALL instructions when renewing online very carefully and completely.

License Renewal

  1. What must I do to renew my license?
    A. Licensees may complete the renewal online, or request a “mail-in” paper renewal application be mailed to their address. All licenses will expire on September 30th of even numbered years. A “Renewal Reminder” e-mail, or “post card” via the USPS, is only sent as an accommodation. The responsibility of license renewal remains with the license holder. Licensees must attain the required number of Continuing Education hours (see Georgia Board Rule 135-9 for specific continuing education requirements).
  2. Does the Georgia Composite Board have Inactive License Status?
    A. Yes, the Georgia Composite Board does offer Inactive License Status (see Board Rule 135-6-06). A license may remain inactive for no more than six years. Requests for Inactive Status must be made to the Georgia Composite Board in writing. A person who holds an inactive license may apply to reactivate their license by submitting a Reactivation application, fee and continuing education requirements.
  3. How do I submit a name and/or address change?
    A. The Georgia Composite Board accepts address changes submitted online, via letter through the USPS, or by fax to: (866) 888-7127. A name change request must be submitted in writing, and accompanied by supporting legal documents initiating the name change (i.e. divorce decree, marriage certificate, etc.)
  4. I lost my license. How do I get another one? How long will it take? Is there a fee?
    A. The fee for a duplicate license pocket card is $25. Please submit a written request for a new card to be issued (mailed) with the fee (check, cashier’s check, certified check or money order) made payable to the Georgia Composite Board at 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA 31217-3858. Please allow up to ten (10) business days for processing and mailing. It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure a correct mailing address is on file.
  5. How long is the license valid?
    A. A license expires on September 30 of even numbered years. It must be renewed at that time and every two years thereafter.

Out of State

  1. What if I am licensed in another state?
    A. If licensed in another state, please have that state officially certify by sending verification of license directly to the Georgia Composite Board.
  2. Does the Georgia Composite Board have reciprocity with other states?
    A. The list of states that are approved for license by endorsement for MFT licensure in Georgia may be found on the application form. Please check the form available on the site, the “Download Forms” link, for the most current application. MFT licensure by endorsement is considered when an applicant is fully licensed and in good standing in another jurisdiction and has met or exceeded the following criteria: a) The license is held in the specialty of MFT; b) The requirement of the jurisdiction in which the license is held are substantially equivalent to and/or exceed those of the state of Georgia. In order for MFT licensing by endorsement to be considered, the applicant must complete the appropriate application forms and must have the issuing jurisdiction forward a completed verification of licensure form to the Georgia Composite Board. The applicant must also forward to the Georgia Composite Board a copy of the law and rules of the jurisdiction in which he/she is licensed.
  3. I am moving to another state and I need my verification of license sent to another state board, what is the process?
    A. Submit a request in writing for verification of license, with $25.00 (money order, cashier’s check, certified check or personal check). Please indicate where the verification is to be mailed, and ensure a current address is provided. Please allow up to ten (10) business days for processing and mailing.

Contacting the Georgia Composite Board

  1. How can I contact the Georgia Composite Board?
    A. By mail at: Georgia Professional Licensing Boards Division, 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia 31217-3858. By telephone at: (478) 207-2440. By fax at: (866) 888-7127.