Advocacy Resources


The Power of Advocacy in Shaping Our Profession

Our MFT licensure and the strength of our profession in Georgia owe much to the dedicated advocacy efforts of GAMFT. Legislative advocacy ensures that MFTs are included in mental health legislation, maintaining the relevance and necessity of our license and voice.


Get Involved in Advocacy

Understanding and actively participating in legislative advocacy is crucial. Here’s how you can make a difference:


Your Legislative Representatives Matter

  • Legislators represent you at both the state and national levels. As a state-focused organization, GAMFT concentrates on laws and legislative actions in Georgia.
  • A significant part of advocacy involves contacting state senators and representatives to voice support for causes that matter to you.


The Legislative Session in Georgia

  • Understand that the Georgia legislative session is time-sensitive, running from January through late March or early April.
  • This is a critical period for advocacy, and your involvement can have a substantial impact.


Start Your Advocacy Journey

  • Find Your Legislators
  • Introduce Yourself
    • Craft a professional introduction using our template and reach out to your legislators.
  • Respond to Calls to Action
    • Stay alert to our emails for guidance on when and whom to contact, along with scripts and tips.
  • Engaging with Legislators
    • Understand that responses from legislators may vary. Continue to communicate politely and professionally.


Key Committees and Resources


Advocacy Action Center

Visit our Advocacy Action Center for the most current information on actions you can take to support MFT licensure and mental health efforts in Georgia.