With our team of Legislative and Governmental affairs experts, GAMFT continues to be the voice for Marriage and Family Therapists at the state level. GAMFT works closely with legislators and stakeholders to ensure that the rights and needs of Marriage and Family Therapists are protected.

As a member of GAMFT, you have access to the latest information regarding MFTs in Georgia. We work hard to empower our members to participate in the legislative process and assist in steering lobbying efforts to maintain professional parity.

Did you know…

  • GAMFT lobbied and passed SB 128, which added the word “diagnose” to the scope of practice for MFTs? Providing a diagnosis has always been an integral part of our academic training and practice. However, this necessary bill will protect us from future legal challenges to our scope of practice. Additionally, adding “diagnose” to our Scope was intended to reverse the effect of a 2013 ruling by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. This ruling mandated that, in all state mental health centers and in all agencies that contract with the state, a diagnosis could only be provided following a face-to-face interview by a professional with “diagnose” in their Scope of Practice – thereby prohibiting MFTs from providing diagnosis for their clients. This was GAMFT led, not AAMFT led.
  • MFTs are the only allied profession in Georgia that does not have the ability to sign a 1013/2013? Check out the latest Legislative Update below!

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