Online Trainings

June 6, 2020


Growing through Grief: Personal and Professional Lessons after Loss

Saturday, June 6
12 Noon – 2 PM
2 CEs


Many therapists grapple with how to keep it together professionally when their personal lives seem to be unraveling. In the spirit of appropriate boundaries, our training reminds us to check “our stuff” at the door while in the therapy room with clients. Well, what happens when personal triggers seep through the window or plop right down on the couch in front of us? This workshop presents stories of grief from both self of the therapist and family systems perspectives. Sharing family of origin narratives while also providing an overview of parallel client stories, the presenter contemplates meaning making and next steps after family loss. The presenter will discuss the impact of death and bereavement on health and wellness, professional responsibilities, life satisfaction and family relationships. Additional questions discussed include – How do you work with clients ethically and effectively when there are similarities in experiences? How do you know when it is time to terminate, refer or take a break from accepting new clients in order to focus on personal healing? How and when it is appropriate to self-disclose (and what do you say)? What steps or tools might be useful for assessing personal wellbeing, professional functioning and healthy relationships?

This training will be held via Zoom conferencing platform. For added security, you will receive an email Friday, June 5 by Noon to register your name and email for the actual Zoom session. This will cue the access link via email, so you must do this.

Sign-up closes Friday, June 5, 2020 @ 10am ET.


  • Explore the meaning of grief and related concepts from a family systems perspective
  • Discuss self of the therapist factors and other clinical considerations relevant during bereavement
  • Examine risk factors and resilience resources beneficial for therapists and clients in need



Dr. Shatavia Thomas, LMFT

Dr. Shatavia Thomas is a family therapist in the Acquired Brain Injury Unit of Shepherd Center, a world-renowned comprehensive research hospital, specializing in rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury, brain injury or stroke. Dr. Thomas is also the owner of Dr. Shay Speaks, LLC, in Atlanta. Earning her DMFT degree from Nova Southeastern University, she brings nearly 20 years of experience in mental health and 8 years in higher education. She specializes in self-care, spirituality, premarital preparation, childhood development, life transitions, diversity, family businesses, and sports and entertainment family concerns. As a consultant, writer and speaker, Dr. Shay offers services to nonprofits, churches, schools, hospitals, and media outlets.