Join the Legislative Committee


Your Pathway to Advocacy and Community Involvement


The Heart of GAMFT’s Advocacy Efforts

The Legislative Committee has been pivotal in GAMFT’s work for decades, dedicated to training MFTs in legislative advocacy. Our ongoing mission includes building relationships with key stakeholders, providing policy guidance, monitoring relevant legislation, and supporting national legislative priorities.


Key Activities and Goals

  • Stakeholder Recruitment
    • Identifying and recruiting stakeholders with influential ties to key agency positions.
  • Building Relationships
    • Establishing strong connections with legislators to enhance their understanding of the LMFT profession.
  • Policy Guidance
    • Offering expert advice to GAMFT on policies that bolster MFT as a core mental health profession.
  • Legislative Monitoring
    • Keeping a close watch on laws and regulations affecting MFT practice and mental health care.
  • Public Policy Support
    • Coordinating actions to advance GAMFT’s public policy goals across various platforms.
  • National Legislative Support
    • Collaborating with AAMFT on national legislative priorities and communicating these needs to Georgia’s MFT community.


2024 and Beyond: Our Legislative Focus

  • Protect and advocate for the recognition of MFTs as a core mental health profession.
  • Strengthen legal protections, update licensure requirements, and enhance reimbursement.
  • Expand access to mental health services and recognition of MFTs in Georgia state Medicaid plans.
  • Foster license portability and telemedicine access across state lines.

Get Involved with GAMFT

  • Volunteering with GAMFT is a rewarding way to contribute to our profession.
  • Explore various roles within our committees and connect with fellow members.
  • Register for our weekly 10am Friday Zoom drop-in meetings hosted by David Blanchard throughout 2024 Legislative Session, where you can learn more about our advocacy efforts and how to get involved. Click here to register! 
  • Stay updated on all GAMFT events and networking opportunities at our Events Page.