Our Identity, Mission, and Vision


Identity and Mission

We are a community of relational and systems-oriented professionals, devoted to supporting the expertise and interests of marriage and family therapists in the state of Georgia.

We achieve this by:

  1. advancing a clinical community for members to interact and form networks of support.
  2. establishing and maintaining professional standards in marriage and family therapy.
  3. hosting educational opportunities throughout the state, that provide access to research in the field, explore innovations in clinical practice, and nurture professional growth.
  4. connecting and supporting pre-licensed professionals, seasoned therapists, and clinicians relocating to the state, with information and resources needed for successful career development.
  5. representing marriage and family therapy as a core mental health profession to the public and before government bodies in Georgia.


From the individual to the larger system, GAMFT envisions a world where the promotion of health, progress, and well-being is sustained by relationships that make a difference.


  1. Raising awareness when systemic changes impact family sustainability.
  2. Infusing diversity and inclusion into all aspects of GAMFT and the profession.
  3. Advocating for family health in our local communities.
  4. Fostering relational practices among families, communities, and other professionals that highlight interconnectedness.
  5. Cooperating with local representatives and organizations for the furtherance of marriage and family therapy as a mental health profession.