GAMFT Response to Racial Injustice










June 5, 2020

We send this out with heavy hearts. Like you, we have long been alarmed and angered by the egregious murders of Black Americans, either by use of lethal police force or other means. 

GAMFT acknowledges that racism and discrimination exist and are still prevalent, and we stand with countless other organizations and communities against systemic racism. We acknowledge the everyday discrimination that arises from it — and how those practices restrict equal access to healthcare, quality food, affordable housing, living wage jobs, safe schools, and a fair justice system. Due to these adverse community environments, we recognize that these inequalities can also lead to increased risk for trauma in communities of color.

As marriage and family therapists, we recognize the importance of context. We cannot ignore the impact that systems of power and oppression have on our lives and the lives of our clients. The present moment requires us to listen, learn, and hold space for those who are angry, ashamed, grieving, confused, and overwhelmed. It requires a recommitment to fostering healing and change. 

We are a community of relational and systems-oriented professionals who envision a world where the promotion of health, progress, and well-being is sustained by relationships that make a difference. We believe that authentic dialogue about race and trauma are needed to create these relationships with our clients, among each other, and within ourselves. 

GAMFT is fully committed to contributing to the dismantling of systemic prejudice that has led to the injustice and Black suffering witnessed in recent events. We recognize the undervaluing of Black lives and experiences, and we will persistently work to rectify this to the fullest extent of our ability. It is clear change is needed not only at individual levels but throughout institutions and systems; we are dedicated to pursuing that change.

Abby Culin, Public Relations Chair
Cecil Walker, Multicultural Affairs Chair
Adam Albrite, Vice President
Andrea Meyer Stinson, President