Advocacy Action Center

The Advocacy Action Center is where you can always check for up-to-date information on what you can do to protect and expand your MFT license and support mental health efforts across Georgia.


GAMFT Needs Your Urgent Action:

Contact your Senator Today to Support HB76!

HB76 is legislation introduced by GAMFT in the 2023 Georgia legislative session to update MFT licensure requirements. HB76 will be voted on by the full Senate on March 23 rd (Note, the Governor added some technical amendments relating to licensing that are unrelated to our bill. We do not oppose the Governor’s changes and his interest will strengthen the likely outcome of our bill). GAMFT needs you to contact your Senator today urging their support for HB76.


ACT NOW by contacting your Senator, using the script below.


What to say: 

Hello [Senator Name],

I am your constituent calling to urge you to support HB 76. My name is [your name here] and I am [your title here: a licensed marriage and family therapist, an MFT student, an associate MFT, etc] in Georgia. I’m reaching out to introduce myself and let you know that our organization, the Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, is working hard to advocate for issues that strengthen access to mental and behavioral health services for Georgians during this legislative session.

I support HB76 and hope you will too! This bill updates Georgia law on the education and clinical
requirements for MFTs in order to bring us in line with national accreditation requirements and bring us in line with the requirements in other states in the Southeast. HB 76 protects patient safety and will improve access to skilled mental health practitioners throughout Georgia — helping both mental health providers and recipients of mental health care in our state. I ask that you please vote YES on HB76.


[Your name & title here]

[Your home address]


Who to contact (phone call, email, and voicemail are all great options):

Identify Your Georgia State Senator and how to contact him/her by inserting your home address here:

(Note the Senate is the Upper Chamber, and you will find your Senator’s email address and office phone number when you click on their name).


Stay tuned here and in your email for more action alerts throughout the year!