Supervisor Renewal Requirements

Prior to the renewal of their designation, AAMFT requires that Approved Supervisors take a refresher course and complete the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Renewal form. The supervisor refresher course is specifically designed to help keep clinical supervisors up-to-date on the practice of clinical supervision.  

In 2015, AAMFT ended the policy of allowing local divisions to provide the Approved Supervisor Refresher course.  Currently, the 6-hour course is offered by AAMFT in the following ways: 

  • Online via the AAMFT website 
  • At the Spring Leadership Conference
  • At the Fall National Conference 

A service that AAMFT continues to provide is that of notifying Approved Supervisors shortly before their designations are about to expire.  You may check on your renewal date at any time by contacting Dorothy Bose at