MFT News

News from AAMFT: Enroll as a Medicare Provider today! 

The final rule that adds MFTs and MHCs to the Medicare regulations was , which means MFTs can begin enrolling now! Click here to learn more. 


MFT License Portability Initiative

GAMFT is pleased to announce its partnership with AAMFT on Access MFTs which is an extremely important initiative to help increase Georgians access to qualified mental health providers including MFTs, to reduce barriers to licensure portability, and to continue to advance the MFT profession. For more information about the MFT License Portability Initiative, go to


Parity Awareness Campaign

In collaboration with the Carter Center, GAMFT has joined hands to help raise public awareness of the rights of Georgians to access mental health care at the same level or standard with physical health care. To learn more about your rights and the rights of your clients under the parity law, please go to


MFTs recognized as Medicare-eligible providers!

AAMFT achieved its primary federal advocacy goal of passing legislation into law that recognizes MFTs as Medicare-eligible providers! Under this change to Medicare, both MFTs and mental health counselors (MHCs) will finally be eligible to provide services to Medicare beneficiaries and receive reimbursement from Medicare. This change will go into effect on January 1, 2024. Read more from AAMFT’s website here… 


The Georgia Online Application Licensing System (GOALS) 

In the coming months the Georgia Secretary of State Professional Licensing Boards will launch GOALS (Georgia Online Application Licensing System) in support of the Georgia Secretary of State modernization initiative. This new licensing management system is designed to expedite the issuance of professional licenses across the state of Georgia and provide an improved online experience. To read more about the benefits of the new solution and launch schedule, read more on the GA SOS website here…