Georgia Code of Ethics


As outlined by the bylaws of GAMFT :

(, the Ethics Committee is responsible for 1.) educating the membership and the public regarding the AAMFT Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethics of the Licensure Board. 2. ) The Chairperson of the Ethics Committee shall assist individual members in understanding and interpreting these codes. The Ethics Committee does not issue or render advisory opinions regarding ethical matters. Nor does the Committee conduct investigations or consider allegations of violation of ethical principles made against members, but refers such matters to the AAMFT Ethics Committee and the Licensure Board. The Committee functions in accordance with the guidelines set out in the AAMFT Procedures for Handling Ethical Matters (

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Georgia Composite Board Code of Ethics:

Access to support from the AAMFT for ethics complaints and advice:

CE requirement for 5 in-person ethics hours, which must be approved by GAMFT:

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Licensure requirements


AAMFT Legal and Ethics Facts Sheets:

You can request a consultation with the ethics chair by contacting the GAMFT office at 404-261-1185.