Legislative Committee


The Legislative Committee has been a core part of GAMFT’s work for decades. At a high level, this committee works to protect, defend, and strengthen the marriage and family therapy license in Georgia through legislative action. Though specific legislation and actions taken may change from year to year, the purpose of this committee remains the same, and includes:

  • Recruiting key relevant stakeholders that have strong relationships with key agency positions
  • Building relationships with legislators and other stakeholders to ensure that they fully understand who LMFTs are and what we do
  • Providing input and guidance to GAMFT regarding policies that protect and support Marriage and Family Therapy as a core mental health profession to the public and before government bodies in Georgia
  • Monitoring regulations, laws, and legislation that affect the practice of MFTs and mental health care in Georgia
  • Coordinating, communicating, and implementing activities that support GAMFT public policy goals to the public, governing boards, key stakeholders, and GAMFT members
  • Supporting AAMFT in national legislative priorities and communicating the need to Georgia‚Äôs membership

The GAMFT Legislative Committee is currently working to promote these key priorities:

  • Protect and advocate that marriage and family therapy remains a core mental health profession to the public and before government bodies in Georgia
  • Strengthen legal protections, update licensure requirements, and increase reimbursement for the profession
  • Expand access to mental health services and the recognition of MFTs as eligible providers by Georgia state Medicaid plans
  • Expand advocacy across states to allow license portability and telemedicine across state lines