Spring Conference Sunday Workshops

(3 hours CE)

For all interested therapists


Innovative Interventions for Families in Conflict

Elizabeth A. Bizzell, LMFT

Families are increasingly held captive by serious patterns of negative interactions. These interactions are characterized by responses of avoidance and abdication of roles. Children and adolescents are at risk of serious consequences when families remain trapped in this gridlock. Therapists often feel unequipped to affect change when presented with a family in high conflict. Intensive community supports are often needed but the high frequency of the services required can easily lead to “more of the same” interventions.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to get excited about providing dynamic and fresh interventions to support families in crisis. These key growth-promoting interventions, otherwise known as enactments, will help families practice new responses to familiar challenges. 

Elizabeth Bizzell, LMFT is Clinical Director at Dynamic Interventions, Inc. in Warner Robins, Georgia and is also an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Elizabeth specializes in home-based therapy with children, adolescents, and their families. A graduate of Mercer University School of Medicine, Elizabeth is committed to building family process in the underserved areas of Georgia. 

Medical Family Therapy: Trauma and Women’s Health

Beverly Smith, Ph.D, LPC

This session discusses the vital role of Medical Family Therapy in the comprehensive healthcare system for women. With the various celebrations and challenges of life, women often have traumatic experiences that are suitable for specialized mental healthcare services from a system’s perspective. Thus, this session will address the necessity for Medical Family Therapy for women across the life span that is inclusive of essential components of individual health and population health.

Dr. Beverly Smith is the owner of BSmith Consulting Group and has over 22 years of Behavioral Healthcare experience in a variety of settings. She is a keynote speaker, psychotherapist, adjunct professor, behavioral specialist, coach and consultant. She has presented to different audiences across the lifespan in helping families, individuals, and organizations achieve wellness. Dr. Smith has several national and state credentials for the professional services in which she provides with compassion and excellence.